A Love Letter To ‘Parks And Recreation’


On February 24, 2015 NBC’s TV program “Parks and Recreation” took its final bow leaving its viewers with tears in their eyes and a smile on their face. This is my love letter to “Parks and Recreation”.

Dear “Parks and Recreation”, you wonderful masterful musk ox,

For the past year I have been working at the state Legislature and you have shown everyone the true insanity of working for the government. You’ve identified the crazy taxpayers that love to complain about issues they don’t comprehend while shamelessly whining–like a child–to get what they think they deserve. You’ve brought to light political busy bodies that jump at the chance to pinpoint what needs to be fixed without supplying any concrete or viable options on how it can be improved. And you have shown just how much effort government workers put into solving everyone’s problems with little to no acknowledgement or thanks. From the bottom of my heart I thank you, “Parks and Rec”, for revealing the true ridiculousness of it all and from it cultivating something superbly funny.

The ending of last year I met a boy and have fallen very hard for him. He, however, has very big shoes to fill for you have shown me how love and romance should look. Whether it’s a sing-along brunch with my surprisingly beautiful spouse and children, a 60-second engagement/wedding, or simply eating lunch on a bench in City Hall. Love, true love, is hard to find and even harder to capture on film. Yet you managed to do this with the ease of Burt Macklin winning over the heart of Janet Snakehole.

And most importantly you’ve shown me the nobility and importance of relationships. Co-workers. Bosses. Parents. Children. Husbands. Wives. Proximity workplace acquaintances. Best friends. Every relationship is special and deserves your best effort. It’s so easy to take advantage of those in your life you see everyday, but what happens when life pulls you apart? To paraphrase a hilarious accountant with a really cute butt, “a lot will happen while you’re apart…but all good.” So we must accept that life goes on when we aren’t next to the one we care so deeply for and trust that until we come back together, good things will happen for all of us. (For the truly lucky who aren’t torn apart, don’t take for granted what you have. Time.)

You have made me a cooler person. People love that I love this show. You have made me smarter. I now know that Madeleine Albright is Leslie Knope’s grandmother. You shared in my frustration, made me laugh, and you have made me grateful for those I love. And right now I am saying that I love you.

On behalf of every supporter of Equal Marriage Rights For Penguins Because They Are Cute, thank you. You will literally be missed!

I love you and I like you.