A Love Letter To The Kind Of Friends Who Will Spontaneously Travel With Us


At first I thought you would beg off this trip. You weren’t in good shape for a couple of days and you rarely went out. You’re always like that. You always get sick. I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. I want to scold you, you’re stubborn like a little child, but I love you. But anyway, you made it and I was happy about it.

That day, I was about to call my last student via Skype when all of a sudden, I heard you screaming my name at the door.


You almost broke my door knob, like an aggressive burglar trying to enter my flat. You didn’t inform me you were on your way to my unit which would explain my utter surprise. When I opened the door, we were both excited to hug and kiss each other like we hadn’t seen each other for a long time. As usual, you were so out and loud that my neighbors in the whole building could hear your voice.

Before we left, you asked me if you could borrow any of my phones. You had your phone broken on the day of an important event, like my sister who had her phone snatched on her birthday. Haha! What a coincidence. So, I let you do your stuff on my Macbook.

A moment later, you started sobbing. I came closer and gave you a warm embrace, oblivious to what was wrong. I rarely see you cry, so I already knew that it was something terribly wrong. I wiped your tears, cheered you up and said, “It’s okay, baby. I’m here for you. Stop crying. A new adventure is about to begin.” You didn’t stop right away, but you smiled and I knew you were ready for the fun that we were about to embark on.

We packed up our stuff including, of course, our favorite sexy bikini that we couldn’t wait to wear, and all the necessary items we needed for our surfing break in the North. We couldn’t wait for the moment. We had pizza with one of our craziest friends—just like you—and took a jeepney to the MRT. I’m fond of travelling, but I’m not really getting used to commuting using public transportation around the metro, because I experienced a lot of trouble before. But you got my back. I didn’t hear you single complain from me when we braved the long queue and the crowded train. You were embracing me and assisting me the whole time. Everybody was staring at us. I think all people who saw us perceived us as lovers. Lesbians. Gay couple. We’re always sweet. We even kiss and we don’t fucking care. And that’s what I like the most about you—you’re passionate and caring. We make the best partners in whatever we do that even if people laugh at us, we don’t give a fuck and I love you for that.

We are the best partners because we don’t need anyone’s approval.

We reached Cubao station. Unfortunately, we had to walk a long way to the bus station. It was hot and humid. The air was polluted because of tons of vehicles. To make everything worse, judging eyes were on us.

I kept saying sorry for not knowing exactly where the bus station was, but you just rubbed my back and gave me a sweet smile saying, “It’s okay, baby. Don’t worry about it. We’re fine.”

Finally, we reached the bus station. It was also crowded! I forgot that a reservation was needed since it was a holiday. I guess, I’m forgetful of holidays because of my workload. The bus conductor said that it was either we would take the uncomfortable middle seats, or we would stand. To think, it was going to be a long bus ride. Our destination was San Juan, La Union which would take us 6-7 hours.

I looked at you. You were sweaty, a bit exhausted yet calm and still had the sweetest angelic smile. You were calmer than I was and it made me think to myself at that moment how lucky I was to travel with someone who could handle anything, even the most unpleasant situation.

But I guess, happy people like you get the best of everything. Two passengers did not arrive, so we were lucky to get their seats. You instantly fell asleep and told me that you lacked sleep. You started snoring. I was watching you while filming the beautiful sunset. I wanted you to see it with me, but I didn’t want to disturb you during your sweet sleep.

Upon reaching our hostel, you were very glad that we could finally take a rest after an exhausting long bus ride. You got hooked to chatting with some people on the net and got a bit worried again over something. Love life and stuff was taking over your mind. I reminded you to not to dwell on your worries and just enjoy the moment. I repeated it over and over since day one. I was happy you eventually let go of your anxiousness.
We had a good time. It was more fun and crazier in a way that it let us forget about what was coming next. We savored every bit of it as though we were kids whose parents finally let us play under the pouring rain. From surfing together to having heavy meals, meeting your new awesome friends, sharing crazy stories, ending up cuddling on the floor of the common area of our hostel, , and being by my side, holding my hand when I had my second and most painful tattoo ever, screaming in pain while the needle slowly pierced the skin over my ribs. You were holding my hand, got me a glass of water and candy to calm me down. . The memories are countless. I couldn’t be more thankful.

Our short trip had come to an end, but I knew it was just the beginning of our crazier adventures together. I figured we make the best partners in everything and learning so much about each other is a priceless bliss for me.

I’m glad that you and I enjoyed our trip especially on the last night. I love you always from the bottom of my heart and I hope you will always remember that. Every time and anywhere you go. I will always be here for you, no matter how crazy it’s going to be. Remember, our lives are much more fun and crazier when we’re together!

Here’s to more crazy and wild trips, late night chill out at hostels, meeting tons of hot guys and more chili fries, heavy meals, sexy bikinis, stunning sunsets, surfing and chasing waves and many more! You’re my best girl on this planet and no one can ever replace you.