A Love Like This


Love. Love that’s a furry of adoration mixed with exquisite laughter. Love that’s kind and compassionate, sprinkled with playful insults born of sarcasm. Love that’s a constant support for the steadfast grind that will lead to the empire you’ll create together. Love that’s obsession so secure it is neither needy nor overwhelming. Love that’s a promise of dedication so certain no absence could create a void.

The kind of love I crave is one that supersedes desire. That basks in its cultivation of warmth and authenticity. The kind of love I crave is constant and consistent. It’s a lapse from uncertainty and the endless questions of our lives. It’s a pull so fierce it doesn’t have to be seen to be felt.

The love I envision is one that wills mountains to move and oceans to part. Its expression so limitless in cannot be contained between the two lovers alone but must be spread across humanity to those in need. Love that is so patient it tranquilly welcomes my restless thirst for answers, and inability to wait to see how things go.

Love so obvious it couldn’t possibly keep me guessing, but so mystic that I’m always left on my toes. I want a love I can’t self-sabotage even when insecurities creep from their grave. A love that’s only games are inside jokes and only competition is growing stronger. A love that forces me to question how I once lived without it, rather than its loyalty.

Love that builds shelter and security rather than destruction and anxiety. I want a love I can’t self-sabotage even when fights are had and disagreements leave me devastated. A love that breads reciprocity and trust; even under the most seemingly deceitful circumstance.

This love I’ll find will feed it’s hunger with the preservation of humanity, it will indulge itself in the purest form of chivalry and will create an aura so significant that even the most forceful altercation could not penetrate it’s bounds. Simply, I want a love that never makes me guess. That’s hopeful and tolerant and fueled by unique idiosyncrasies.

Love that’s character is unwavering and strength is metaphysical. A love that loves me just a little more, because my love will always be too deep, and an ocean deserves a submarine that’s audacious enough to dive all the way to the bottom.