A Man Fed His Pregnant Girlfriend Abortion Pills He Snuck Into A Smoothie


In what can only be defined as “What in the fucking hell is this world coming to,” a man secretly fed his pregnant girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) abortion pills he purchased online.

He claimed that this course of action was “the only way out,” and that it was his second attempt at inducing a miscarriage.

His second attempt.

The unidentified 20-year-old woman explained that the man had tried to persuade her into taking abortion pills, but she refused them all; that is, until he crushed the pills into a smoothie and she drank it without knowledge.

After she had ingested the smoothie, she recalled experiencing severe abdominal cramping and eventually, she miscarried while in her 12th week of pregnancy.

The man, while in court, is said to have appeared “extremely remorseful” and he is to have said, “I feel like a total shitbag.”

And a shitbag you are.

h/t The Independent

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