A Message To The Ones Who Have Given Up On Love


People suck, but love doesn’t.
Let’s not mix them up, they’re completely different from each other.

Sometimes it’s just the people that need to act wiser and make better decisions. It’s not that love wasn’t enough, it’s just that people need to grow; love can grow automatically, but as it grows people need to grow as well.

The beautiful thing about love is that it exists but you can’t touch it. Love can’t be defined nor can it be explained, but it can be felt. People promise to love but love isn’t promised: it’s magic. It just happens, nothing more to explain, as the word itself can’t be explained.

We tend to give up on love because we’ve failed to hold on tight. We also fail to understand that love is work, something to be invested in, and something that takes a lot of energy.

Love is precious, it’s rare and it’s nearly perfect, but to make it perfect you need to work at it. Love is positive, it’s not hurtful. Love is not brutal, and at times you need to sacrifice for love. You don’t need to search love, love will meet you and when it does, make sure you make it worthwhile.

All it takes is patience, wait for it, great things are ahead of us only if it’s meant to be.

Love will only come when you’re ready, so work on yourself, be a better you. Fall in love with yourself first before you fall for someone else, take care of yourself and the things that are waiting for you. And when love stops by it will be a surprise…just wait.