A Music Survival Guide To Summer In The City


This post is powered by Beats by Dr. Dre and the New Solo 2.

Although some people spend their summers away from cities, busily bragging about their serene weekend getaway spots, it certainly pays to stick around. No matter your city, there’s a good chance the summer music scene operates on another level. Presenting, a Music Survival Guide for Summer 2014:

1. Free Concerts Everywhere

Pretty much any park who’s anybody will be offering up free outdoor shows this summer — I know in New York City, everywhere from  Central Park, to Prospect Park, to South Street Seaport will be offering up summer gigs.

Given my infallible music taste, I’ve got my eyeball on an Enrique Iglesias’s August 1st showing in Rumsey Playfield. After all, who doesn’t get #amped about Enrique?

2. Hole In The Wall Music Venues

Looking to get in on some up and coming artists? Want to be that mildly insufferable, yet undoubtedly in-the-know person who “knew them before they got big?” ‘

Every city has their fair share of cool music venue places — the one’s that look like they’re probably just an abandoned warehouse, but just so happen to be one of the hottest underground music venues around. Given the slower pace of the working world (big ups to summer Fridays), the summer is a great time to check these out.

For a list of some of the better underground music spots in the country, check out this handy guide.

3. Your Headphones

When real city residents move through town, they’re almost always sporting headphones. It’s a veteran move, and for good reason — a proper playlist enhances a city’s allure tenfold, and really brings out its more spectacular components.

The best headphones to be rocking to? Almost undoubtedly the new Solo2’s from Beats By Dre. The Solo2’s are a revamped version of the already impressive Solos, with stronger acoustics and as compact and comfortable as ever. The upgrade is kind of like ordering what’s already a really good waffle, and then suddenly having a bunch of ice cream. You definitely want that ice cream.

4. The Perfect Summer Playlist

Be it a morning jog or late night rooftop hangout, there’s really nothing better than composing the perfect summer playlist. I’d give you suggestions, but the best playlists come from within. So soak up the sun, get inspired, and get going on that killer compilation of songs made just for you.

5.  Music On The Go

New ways to discover music seem to be popping up every hour. You’ll probably be on the go a lot as the weather continues to sizzle, so definitely be sure to sync your library onto all your 7,500 devices for maximum enjoyment wherever the summer weather may take you.

With those sleek new headphones of yours, you could enjoy your music anywhere — even at a park filled with screaming 3 year-olds.

6. Amateur Nights

Amateur and Open Mic nights provide an alternative music experience, but one that can really be memorable — sometimes for the wrong reasons, but often times because of more positive ones.

Given the lower expectations (and lower prices) and open mic night will provide, a talented act just might blow you away. If you’re looking for something to do that’s a little out of the box this summer, definitely check these out.

7. Piano Bars


From New Orleans to San Francisco, piano bars remain a fixture of many a city. This clip, from NYC’s Brandy’s Piano Bar, offers a magical taste of what you could be treated to at one of these classic, old-timey establishments. And of course, the range of music at a piano bar (anything from Jazz, to R&B, to covers of Taylor Swift) is a lot more diverse than a dance hall predicated on just pressing a few buttons.  A true must.