A One Sentence Story About Social Anxiety


You walk down a long narrow sidewalk crowded with faceless people who have no direction and no purpose except to get somewhere faster than you as you stumble down a path that has no railing and is somehow suspended miles above the ground in open air with only blurry mist and a blurry future to see around you and maybe someone cares that you’re here (and lost) and maybe somebody would help you but the prospect of falling down into the whispering abyss is somehow more welcoming than looking up away from the cemented ground that is bespectacled with cracks and weeds growing from nowhere and offering nothing except the inevitable possibility of tripping and falling and dying which is why you keep your eyes on the ground never daring to look up at what might actually be a bright world somewhere onward but how could this world be bright as you feel multiple people push past you on all sides and you cringe a little but you try to look up and smile as They stare at you with aggressive indifference that you cannot meet so you collapse collapse collapse into the suspended concrete sidewalk that you are a part of now as everyone walks on.