A Playlist For Bubble Baths


I’m a huge fan of bubble baths to take the edge of a crappy day or to soothe a bad hangover. I’ve taken a lot of bubble baths over the years, and I figured out three things: 1. they are better with lavender-scented bath oil; 2. you must light candles; 3. you must have an excellent playlist. The mood simply isn’t complete without it.

You need to have the right kind of music to get the full, relaxing bubble bath effect though. You can’t have music that’s too upbeat, dance-y, or electronic, because it won’t relax you enough and you’ll dance yourself into a wet bathroom floor. My personal experience has taught me that you also have to stay away from songs that are emotional minefields, like one you shared with an ex that only conjures memories tinted with sadness or longing. The playlist has to be on the longer side so you don’t repeat songs and ruin your bath time music flow. My bath time playlists are always pretty long and constantly changing, so I don’t run into the same tune twice during my foray into pruney fingers. A caveat: the point of the bubble bath playlist is to create generally happy, relaxing feelings, not to Sarah McClachlan your way toward crying into a bottle of wine, so one must exercise caution when choosing the content of the playlist. Songs about dying puppies, abandoned children, etc. are generally not a good idea.

I made a playlist with some of my favorites; please feel free to subscribe and add suggestions in the comments! 

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