A Playlist For Pretty Girls


Before you work yourself into a froth over the idea that I am calling myself pretty, or that I insist only girls of a certain physical beauty can enjoy these songs, hear me out. I’ve made it a priority in my recent life to reclaim the idea of being a Pretty Girl (capitals important). To me, the Pretty Girls were always the confident, charming, happy, lovely girls that got to feel good about themselves — a group I never feel I’ve been a part of. And I want to dispel the idea that to be confident, to walk around with a spring in your step and pride in who you are makes you narcissistic or distasteful. I think we all deserve to be Pretty Girls, and to feel the inner joy that comes with it. This playlist is to make us feel that way: bouncy and light and full of ourselves in the best way. Here’s to the Pretty Girls!

[spotify id=”spotify:user:1189480844:playlist:0gk16GZ4UWfBlSBfmjDKFz” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

image – Mad Men