A Poet Tells You What To Expect This May, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Self-doubt has always been something that you’ve struggled with, but lately its hold over you has become stronger and much more difficult to ignore. Stop viewing yourself as the person you were years ago. You’ve gone through a number of personal changes since making those big mistakes, and if you looked in the mirror for longer than a few seconds you’d be able to see all of the progress that you’ve made. Trust in yourself and your ability to make good things happen. You’re your own worst enemy.


It’s a hard truth to swallow, but sometimes you have to put the things that you want on hold for a later date. There’s a time and a place for everything, you have to trust that someday you’ll be in a stable enough position to achieve what you’d like to. Instead of letting that make you sad, use it as an opportunity to make more concrete plans for what’s ahead. Lately you’ve gone through a lot of changes, so maybe it’s about time for you to reevaluate where you’re headed. There’s still time.


You tend to let people walk all over you because of a fear you have of being alone, but you need to remember that subjecting yourself to bad love isn’t going to do anything other than hurt you. It’s possible to make the best out of a situation without ignoring its obvious faults. It’s possible to look at what you once had with someone and acknowledge that it’s ended, without also tainting every good memory. And most importantly it’s possible for you to be happier than you are. Don’t lose sight of that.


No matter how much you try, you’re never going to be able to fully avoid criticism. Something that you can do, however, is learn to distinguish between the comments that contain validity and the comments that stem from a place of negativity. While you’ve definitely made a lot of improvements lately there’s always room to be better, particularly when it comes to your passions. Updating your craft is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of understanding. Don’t let yourself be too stubborn to see that.


Your insight when it comes to other people and how they express themselves has always been a gift of yours: you can spot even the most well-crafted mask from a mile away. This makes me wonder, though, why you can’t see through your own act. If you have regrets about the way you’ve closed yourself off to certain opportunities, or the way you acted with somebody in the past, don’t ignore it. You’ll never be able to escape the spotlight if you don’t begin to be honest about how you arrived there.


While “don’t give up” is a good phrase to keep in the back of your mind, sometimes you take it a little too far. You use it to justify holding onto places and people that should no longer be a part of your life: that’s a problem. Look at your actions as though you’re an outsider examining them and think carefully about what’s healthy and unhealthy to let go of. Consistency may be a quality that others have previously admired in you, but it loses its weight once it’s prioritized over your quality of life. Don’t hold yourself back.


The boundaries of your life have always been constructed completely on your terms, with specific goals in mind. This isn’t a bad thing but it occasionally isolates you from things that you would likely find a deep connection with, that which doesn’t fit within your scope. Focus on networking in the coming months, and solidifying the relationships that you’re already a part of. As much as you like to see yourself as entirely self-reliant, there’s nothing wrong with opening up a little more to possibility.


You’re very good at recognizing the negativity in your life and attempting to remove yourself from it until the negativity is coming from somebody that you’re emotionally invested in. Don’t let people treat you poorly just because you love them. If they were worthy of your affection they’d be more considerate than they have been. Ask yourself: are you holding onto them, or the potential of them? Try to focus more on the tangible than the intangible. Ground yourself.


Patience is going to be the key to your success in the coming months. When you have very specific goals it’s often difficult for you to put on the brakes and think about the present, but if your present is compromised your future will be too. Don’t let the naysayers distract or deter you from your aspirations. Stay committed, hold yourself accountable, and remember that you are ultimately the one that has to live with yourself when the day is over. Make choices that you’ll be proud of.


Are you really moved on from a situation if you still bring it up in conversation, and think about it before you go to sleep? You’ve been insisting that you’re over it so vehemently, for a long time now, but your actions seem to indicate otherwise. I know that it’s disheartening to admit that you’re still affected by something that happened to you so long ago, but it isn’t until you acknowledge this that you’ll be able to actually make progress in your healing. It’s okay to be honest. It’s okay.


Filled with late nights and early mornings your life has a tendency to become hectic quickly, and in these moments it’s easy to lose touch with your spirituality. Try meditating and set aside time to contemplate the intangible. Think of something that puzzles you. Write it down, and then answer it. Everything you need to know in order to thrive is within your reach, you just have to reach out your arm and grab it. Go ahead, we’re all rooting for you.


It’s instinctual for you to become defensive when something is said that you don’t agree with, and once that wall has been built it’s incredibly challenging to knock it back down. You’ve never really thought of yourself as sensitive, but why else do things like this affect you so deeply? It isn’t a crime to become overwhelmed by emotion, or to feel things without due cause. You don’t always have to be the rock. You can be the bravest person in the world and still have a good cry.