A Prayer For When You Need Inner Peace


You are the silent prayer, where the mind wanders when it finds respite. You are the miracle that unveils the wonders of life. You are the rain that streams through the clouds and the sun that blankets the sky. You are the sound that dims the noise we don’t want to hear. You are the light that intimidates all evil. You are the silent observer who transpires every now and again. You are always there.

Belief sways between contemplation and closure. You are omnipresent and unbiased, but mostly because you are inaudible. You don’t announce your presence through words, but let the tale unfold slowly instead.

Sometimes, it seems you unleash your wrath when we are caught off-guard. At other times, you astonish us with marvels we never expected. You dim the lights and urge us to trudge through the blinding darkness, only so that we can reach the illumination. And when the twilight of life consumes us, your ubiquitous influence radiates through the murky path.

You watch us thank others, but you never seem to mind not being thanked. Perhaps it’s because you don’t view any of us as distinct from yourself.

You grant us the gift of discovering who we are. You ask no questions and you give no answers. You only envelope us in the fortune and doom that we create for ourselves.

You forgive us although we always forget to forgive each other. You are that unforgettable smile that warms our hearts. In our pursuit of seeking the answers, you are the tranquil pause between the question mark and the first word. You are the cloud that bursts when we’re not ready. You are the wings we discover when we must learn how to fly. You are what drapes adversity, you are what helps us go on.

You don’t say things as we like to hear them, but you link us with people who don’t let us forget. You are an unseeable force ironically personified. You are the glorious truth juxtaposed against lies.

I never believed that you send reminders of your presence, until you really did. The biggest miracle isn’t that we make a choice to believe in you. It is that you send messengers to us every day, who we can recognize only if we look closely.