A Promise To Yourself At The End Of 2019


You know it sucks. You know it hurts you in so many ways you can’t even put into words. You feel like you can’t come back from this, but you have to survive. You know it’s in the past; you know it happened a while ago, yet the words, the actions, the pain, the memories haunt you. You feel happy. You feel like you’re okay, but then a wave of everything that happened hits you again. The hurtful words come rushing back to you, because boy, did they hurt. They broke you. All the progress you’ve been making is destroyed.

You know in movies when they show glass shattering when a heart breaks? That’s unfortunately how it feels. It makes you realize how fragile you are. They told lies. Because that’s all they are—just lies. But within those lies, you know there’s a speck of truth. There’s future homework. There’s opportunity to grow.

But why do you believe their lies? Why do you feel so fragile? Do you not love yourself? Do you not love yourself more than anyone else? Because through it all, that’s all you have at the end of the day—just you.

So why treat yourself so terribly? Why say negative things to yourself? You know you gave all your love to that person, so why not give your love to only you now? They were selfish and they did not appreciate all that you were for them. It’s as simple as that. They aren’t here to pick you up after you fall—only you are.

So take a second just think about why what that person did to you matters so much. Do they matter more or do you? Did you not try to the most of your capabilities? Did you not do everything you in your power you could have for them? Now you know it’s time to face the present and future with the kindness in your heart and the knowledge that you deserve better. It’s time to let go and forgive, but not for them. You forgiving them does not affect them. But it does let you let go of the anger inside you. Forgive them for you.

So as this year ends, promise to pick yourself up, face every day, leave the past behind you, and try your best to forgive those that hurt you. Promise to love yourself so much that the person who hurt you is no longer worthy of having you think about them. They are no longer worthy of experiencing the beautiful person that you are.

Promise to love yourself more as you begin the new year.