A Psychologist Talked About A ‘Love Tank’ With Me


A lot of people might ask themselves, how can we acquire happiness? A psychologist will always say, happiness is as nothing else that an emotion, a long-term sense of emotional well-being and contentment, a broad “feeling” that one is happy. Still the question hangs in the air how do we get ourselves to be happy?

For some people in order to achieve it you must first set a goal, make a pathway, and dream what you want to become in your life to be happy. However, to some people they think finding and looking for love is the best and yet a difficult way to obtain happiness. How ironic love can be.

Next question is how do we get love in order to be happy? An interesting term a psychologist once told to me, “Use a love tank”. In the back of my mind, what the hell is a love tank anyway? Does it look like a heart-shaped formed tank that fires a gaseous heart figure with a firing speed of 143 miles per hour that hits on people who wants to be happy? It’s really bizarre and ludicrous if such thing really does exist.

As the psychologist explained it is like a water tank the only difference is you fill it with love instead of water. We use this love tank to place all the love we share, receive and cherish with our families, friends, close-relatives, and to the person that completes us.

As we load all the love in this love tank we accumulate and stock all positive views about love and we eventually become happy because we know that we are loved. If we don’t feel any forms of love at all don’t lose hope there will always be someone out there loves you that you are not aware of.

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