A Reminder That Life Does Not Have To Be This Way


Before I was committed to my journey of self-love and self-mastery, there was a time where I saw myself through society’s eyes. I was graduating with the degrees that my parents wanted, I was dating the guys who I knew would marry me (which turned into guys who I knew would destroy me) and I was dabbling in activities that I knew would make me feel accepted—to everyone but myself. Though this way of living provided some highs, I can honestly say there were countless more lows. 

Eventually, every story that I began would end in destruction. Everything was dull. Everything was fine. Everything was full of a general sense of okayness, which ultimately led to a minor case of anxiety and depression.  

And I liked it. Or, at least I thought I did.

Though there are times where my story was riddled with missing everyday details, one thing seemed to ring true—there was something obvious that was missing. A certain spark or light that was always just above arm’s length that I could never hold on to. And I suspect that you have a story similar to mine.

As humans, we get caught up in believing that to have faith is to be blind. That we need to plan every detail of our life in order to be accepted by family, friends, and society. And even though it might paint a pretty picture, if you live your life according to those plans I can promise you that you will not get the outcome you hoped for. 

But, there’s hope, because life is not supposed to be this way. It’s not supposed to hurt. You’re not supposed to wake up every morning wishing to be somewhere else or to be someone else. 

You are not supposed to be small. 

Though we cannot predict or control or demand the outcomes of certain circumstances, we can know with great certainty we will be okay. Actually, better than okay. We will be victorious because to live a life full of love and acceptance, is to live a life full of meaning and abundance, you just need to start showing up for it.