A Reminder That One Day, Someday, Things Will Be Better Than This


One day everything will make perfect sense.

All the pain, trials, and difficulties will be paid off. Maybe today you are struggling to make ends meet. Maybe today, you feel like you’re barely breathing. Maybe more often than not, you wish to just die than live a miserable life because death seems the only way out. But no, dying will only make those people you left, bear the pain and burden you were carrying. You’re not ending the pain, you were just passing it on to someone else. And believe me, when you choose death over facing your fears and disappointments, you become a loser.

For quitters are losers.

Today, you maybe broken-hearted, unsuccessful, and struggling. But believe me, school achievements, relationships, luxurious gadgets and latest fashion trends will never matter to you 10 years from now. All you have to do is endure it all today. And when you’ve overcome it all, when you successfully endured all the pain, you will emerge stronger and braver.

One day you will meet someone who will love you for who you are, who is specifically created by God to love you.

You will never beg for love because he will love you with effort. You will never have to look for him because he will find you. God will align everything so that your paths will cross. So for now, hold on a little bit more. I know it is painful, too much to bear sometimes. I know countless are the nights when you have cried yourself to sleep. And numerous are those days when you pretended to be okay and put on a fake smile. Life has its way of surprising us. And when you least expect it, when you think you will be forever alone, when you feel like no one’s going to love you, true and authentic LOVE will come your way. And you will realize why it didn’t work out with someone else because you are reserved to that one true love God has instore for you.

School and academic achievements are never important because life is never about medals and certificates. Schools is created for you to learn the fundamentals of life, to understand the true meaning of living. Being part of the Honors Class will not guarantee you the best position in the company but being a good person, a hardworking and responsible person will. School is not about being top of the class so enjoy school while you can. Enjoy the free allowance, the carefree life with friends while being a responsible student. I am not saying that you care less about school works and exams and tests. All I’m saying is that never allow the pressure of making it to the top hinder you from enjoying school and learning about life and stuffs. Enjoy school. Take and learn everything you can out of it and never let the pressure take away your happiness. And if in case you make it to the top, it would be a much-deserved treat.

One day, you will look back and realized that being “in” is never important.

It wouldn’t matter if you are wearing the latest fashion trends or using the newest iPhone model. Life has its way of balancing of elements and people. At this point, some may be enjoying a luxurious life while you are struggling financially. But never let this be the reason for you to lose sight if the beauty of life and on how to be happy. Money cannot give you happiness. Good character does. All these material things are fleeting. They perish and are replaced by newer and better ones. With change as the only constant thing in this world, material possessions will never guarantee you true and lasting happiness. But when you use your money to give back to the Maker and Giver of life, if you offer your money as means to help those in need, that will bring true happiness in your heart. Because by doing so, you will acquire lasting relationships, you will gain good friends. They say that generous people are the happiest because they are not afraid to run out of resources. They never fear losing possessions and riches. They are contented with their life. So never focus on gain material things. Instead, set your eyes on becoming a better giver. And eventually God will fill your cash till, a hundred folds, shaken, pressed, and overflowing.

One day, someday, you will understand that the trials and struggles are honing.

They are preparing you for the realities of life. If you are scolded by your teachers or parents for something you think are too petty, be humble for they know better. They never mean you harm. All they ever wanted is what’s best for you. Rebelling against them, running away from home, drowning yourself with liquor and drugs, and even putting an end to your life will not only hurt you but will hurt those people who truly love. It will ruin your future or even kill your chance of a better and brighter tomorrow.

So for now, trust that things will be better in no time. Believe that everything happens for a reason. And understand that true gold can only be brought out through fire. Likewise, your true qualities will be honed by this trials. Go on. Never quit. Never let go of life for one day, someday life will smile at you and pat you in the back because you are one helluva victor.