A Reminder That You Are Never Too Much For The Right People


After ‘The Most Important Thing I Will Ever Tell You’ by Alison Malee

You’re still searching. With wide eyes and a sad smile. You tell yourself each night that tomorrow will be different. But you still wake up with a pain in your heart and tears in your eyes.

You feel so much. Such a burden. But also a blessing. Your hope for the future. The desire that life will get better. Because it just has to. You keep asking why? And wondering how does it change?

Your inability to keep quiet. Your need to tell the world what you want. Your views that can’t be changed. The loud voice you can’t tame. The heart that seems three sizes too big.

They aren’t your downfalls. Because this is what people most admire about you. The way you take each day by the horns. How you never let anyone see you sweat. Despite all your insecurities, sadness, and anxieties, nobody sees you fall. You are strong. Level headed. And admirable.

You take what people say to heart. Opinions resonate with you. But it’s okay to turn those voices off.

The joy you have searched for is there. It’s around you. You catch glimpses of it on good days.

But at your worst, you still struggle. Struggle to see the light. And the purpose.

But please remember. And I will say, this is what I take to be the most important thing I will ever tell you.

You will meet people who won’t understand you. And you can’t blame them.