A Reminder That You Are Not Owed Anything From Anyone


This is the 100th time you’re left feeling defeated and cheated this week. You’ve been here before, down this pit of regret and utter disbelief. How could this have happened? How could I have been so blindsided?

You’ve put your heart and soul on the line; you’ve prayed and hoped and dreamed that you would eventually get what you deserve, what you truly deserve. But what if this is actually what you deserve? What if you were never meant to get anything else?

Trusting that people will see your true worth and then shower you with the appreciation you so desperately crave is exactly what got into this mess. Being angry at the world will certainly not resolve your situation. Sure, it will make you feel better; blaming the course of events that was completely out of your hands seems like a guaranteed way of patching up your wounds and going about your day as if you were not involved in any of this.

Still, you’ve missed a crucial aspect in all of this. People do get what they deserve almost always. People work hard, day in and day out; they compromise and swallow their pride in order to get where they want to be. As soon as they are kicked to the ground, they get right back up and start over without even hesitating, because they know they have no other choice.

People like that probably already know this, so that’s why they never hesitate to try again and again, until they eventually get where they want to be. This is where you come in. This is the part where a choice is made between the people that work hard and fight with every last drop of will in their body and the people that expect that life will somehow choose them.

Try to understand, babe. You are not owed anything from anyone. You have to fight tooth and nail for your dreams, and you’re not allowed to ever give up. If you truly want it, you will do everything in your power to have it. Taking shortcuts and hoping for the best outcome is simply not the way.