A Reminder That You’re Worthy Of What You Seek


I often wonder whether I’m ready.

I wonder if I’m crazy for the turns I’ve taken and the choices I’ve made. I wonder if I’m in over my head or if I went into the deep end too quickly.

I worry about whether one day someone will figure me out and side with my ego that I was never cut out for the dreams I’m chasing. I worry that, even on the days it feels like I am finally whole, that someone will point out the gaps in my soul.

I think about what else I need to learn, what else I need to do, and who else is seemingly doing it better than me. I think about what’s ahead and compare it to what I left behind. I think until I feel doubt shake my spine.

And yet, there’s something someone recently said that stuck out to me.

It’s okay to doubt your ideas, your choices, or your actions, but none of that should ever lead to you doubting yourself. It’s okay to feel like an imposter sometimes, because the truth is, we all do.

We all have hold these worries and overthinking these thoughts, but the trick is to disconnect all of that from who you are as a human being. You are not your mistakes, your doubts, or even your successes.

You are worthy and capable of everything you seek, regardless of what your ego is telling you. If you can detach yourself from what you think you lack, then you’ll see how much you truly already have.

If you can unhinge yourself from your inner critic, you’ll start to see the real you. You’ll start to see the person whose doing their damn best to chase their dreams, fight their demons, and bridge the gap between being themselves and believing in themselves.

You are worthy and capable of everything you seek, and then only person you need to convince of that truth is you. Believe in yourself and allow yourself to receive what’s already yours.

I often wonder if I am ready, but now I realize the only thing I’m missing is simply giving myself permission to begin.