A Reminder To Never Underestimate ‘The Underdog’


You’ve spent your whole life believing that you’re not good enough and that your skills will never measure up to the people around you no matter what you do and how hard you try.

Sound familiar?

This is what it feels like to be the underdog. The person who people assume is least likely to succeed based on their social status, lack of experience, knowledge, or how they measure up to others who are “winning.”

But here’s the truth: the underdog has everything it takes to become successful.

You have the skills, the drive, and the talent to join the others who shine in their success, but you’re letting the fear of being the “underdog” hold you back from getting to where you want to be in life based on your life experiences of being the person who finishes last.

You might feel like your experiences of rejection, delays, mistakes, let downs and setbacks make you inferior to others, but they actually make you unique, because this world needs people who can be an example of success after struggle.

People want to look up to someone who never gave up on their dreams, even if it took years to accomplish.

People want to look up to the person who succeeded in spite of their disability, their journey through poverty, their struggle with mental health, their teen pregnancy, or the person the world wrote off for simply being in the shadows.

It’s not always about what society wants, but sometimes it’s about what society needs and a person who has lived an authentic truth will know how to give back to society. They also have the fight within them to face the challenges that come their way.

So don’t despise your struggle and don’t tell yourself that you won’t make it in life because everything hasn’t been perfect or gone your way.

There’s a blessing in a journey filled with struggle because you learn how to become the person who is made to win even if you continue to lose.

You may have been the underdog in life, but you have learned lessons that many winners will never have the chance to learn because they don’t have your experiences.

So today, let me remind you that your journey is just how it’s supposed to be. You weren’t supposed to get that job right away, you weren’t supposed to be the straight-A student and you weren’t supposed to be good at everything.

You are meant to be the underdog because you will succeed against all odds.

This is your reminder that the underdog can be successful too.