A Reminder To Those Who Have Stood In The Face Of Terrorism


Try as you may, you will not divide or conquer us with your hate.

You will never see us turn on one another.

Because the way we think is worlds apart from the way your warped minds coldly calculate.

We will continue to love.

We will take your hate, and choose to fight it with nothing but blinding love. Because we know that love is the most powerful, yet inexplicable force and will always win out.

They cannot kill love.

We will hug each other a little tighter today. We will lean in closer to our loved ones. Because we realise how much we have to be grateful for and how much we take for granted, without pausing for a moment’s thought.

We believe in the good.

We will not be tricked into thinking we live in a world where evil over-shadows good. Because we are blessed enough to know better.

We see the good in every one of our days. And we will continue to celebrate and be a part of, even the smallest acts of kindness.

We are not afraid.

We will not stay bound to our houses, afraid of what awaits us on the other side. We will not think twice about where we go or what we do. We will not lock our children away in an attempt to shelter them from what might be. You won’t stop us from living full and abundant lives.

You have only made us realise just how fragile and precious this life truly is. You have made us see what it truly means to be alive.

From today, we will not waste a minute of our miracle.

You will not break us.

We will scream. We will grieve. Our hearts will shatter. We will never forget as long as we live. And we will fall to our knees.

But we will always get back up again. Try as you may, you will never keep us down.

We will rise stronger.

We will love harder. We will love bigger. We will reach out our hands further.

On behalf of everyone affected by the many atrocities and inhuman acts that plague our world today, hear this: your hatred will not win.

Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.