A Series Of Reasons Why We Can’t Be Friends Anymore


Before I tell you why I don’t want to be friends anymore I want to say this:

I was 13 strolling casually through life. Now I’m in my 20s and time is moving too fast. While it can feel like this phenomenon is exclusive to me, I know better than to think the workings of time have shifted as I aged. I know better than to think that the feeling of losing time faster is exclusive to my generation or my life.

Time has been fooling us since the beginning, I imagine. But really, it’s what you make of it. Don’t take your minutes lightly, and don’t take them too seriously either. Find the perfect balance, the balance that is true to who you are. Find a balance that allows productivity to feel effortless and fun to feel ordinary. You mattered to me, you meant a lot. But sometimes, the hands of time demand that we move on to find ourselves in new endeavors.

Here’s why we can’t be friends:

I have a lot of things I need to do to get where I need to be.

I wasted a lot of time. I wasn’t afforded a lot of privileges.

I have worked hard—and have earned the right to be picky about my friends and to whom my time is given.

You’re always wanting to go out and waste money drinking, or on things that don’t necessarily fall into my list of amazing memories.

I simply don’t have the time to listen to you complain day after day about issues that are products of your actions—but more importantly,

I’m tired of smiling, giving advice, being a shoulder to lean on only to have you discard my words, actions, and refuse to change.

We can’t be friends because I like being alone, and you’re afraid of it.

I like thinking about my next project and finding new songs—I enjoy thinking quietly about the magical workings of the universe.

We can’t be friends because we were friends once, and while I cherished you the way you wanted to be cherished, you never took the time and care to cherish and meet me halfway. My voice was background noise.

We can’t be friends because my heart can’t handle it.

We can’t be friends unless you’re ready to be someone who is looking to get out of their head and to give to those who give to you.