A Series Of Small Reminders To Tell Yourself Every Day


I need to really remind myself that I do not need other people in order to be happy with myself. It’s rather ridiculous to think that I do. I also need to remind myself that the reason I yearn to be around others is so that I can immerse myself into their problems and avoid my own. I have become an expert at running away from myself, at hiding from myself, and now is the time that it stops. I can’t hide myself under the pain of others anymore.

I need to remember that no one can validate my existence except for me. That I cannot be happy unless I am happy with ME. I need to be more selfish. I need to work on being a better version of myself. I need to control my urge to cling, because being clingy isn’t cute. Being clingy isn’t healthy.

You don’t need anyone. You just need to learn how to be okay with you. You need to learn how to comfort yourself, how to be there for yourself. You need to know that you’re the only person who can truly take care of all your needs because you’re the only person who actually knows what it is that you require. You can’t just go around expecting people to fix you. You can’t just push your problems to the back of your mind because they will always find a way to ruin things for you. Just when you think you’ve gotten away, boom, something blows up in your face, something that could have long before been prevented.

Remember that this life is yours. That there isn’t anyone else you are truly living for. You need to fall in love with yourself the same way you fall in love with others. You see the flaws in those around you, and you still love them. So what stops you from loving yourself? I know it’s a foreign concept. Self-love seems like it’s some type of illusion. A magic trick, because there is no way someone could actually love themselves, right?

Well you’re wrong. It’s not an illusion. It’s a birthright. We all deserve to be in an endless love with ourselves.