A Sincere Letter To Timing: When Will You Be On My Side?


You always show up when things get real and you always show up when I’m truly happy. You show up unannounced and you steal it all from me. You take it all back like I have no right to enjoy the moment or the company of someone I love a little longer. It feels like you’re on a mission to snatch them as soon as I start getting attached to them.

What is it about you and me? Why are you always a barrier in my relationships? And why are you always wrong? Why can’t you be on my side?

I’m tired of hearing ‘wrong timing’ or ‘the timing sucks’ or ‘it’s just bad timing’ yet it seems like most people out there don’t have a problem with timing, it seems like people are making timing work despite the distance, the problems, the crazy ex-girlfriend or the psycho ex-boyfriend because somehow you don’t interfere with them, somehow you don’t meddle in their business and push one of them away.

But with me, you’re always there, one way or another, you’re all I ever hear and even though I never believed in you, you seem to really believe in me.

Please leave when you feel like I’m getting close to someone and I’m enjoying their company, don’t send your alarms running to warn them that they might be getting attached because they have to leave soon and long-distance might be hard. Let them take a chance on me, let them try long-distance and let them follow their heart for once.

Please leave when I’m talking to someone who’s still thinking about an ex, don’t keep reminding them that they have unfinished business or that maybe their ex will come back. Let them fall for me, give them a fair chance to know me — maybe I can make them forget, maybe I’ll be the one to show them what they were missing.

Please leave when you see me falling for someone who’s not ready, don’t keep telling them that they’re not and that they can’t settle down. Let them be ready for me, let them change their mind, let them see how things will go if they tried a little harder. Don’t just assume that they’ll break my heart, maybe if you leave, they’ll be compelled to stay.

I want you to make some time for me, be on my side for once, don’t always be the barrier that’s stopping me from loving someone or being with them.

Why can’t you be so right that all the pieces just fall together and make perfect sense?

Bring me the right people at the right time, bring me the ones who are ready, who are not hung up on an ex, who are not leaving the city anytime soon, who are not going to believe in you as much as the others did.

Bring me the ones who fight you, who make you right even if you’re wrong, the ones who make you on my side even if you don’t want to be.