A Story About What’s On The Other Side


Few of us will admit it, but sometimes, we feel like giving up in life. The only reason that most of us don’t admit it is because society teaches us that giving up is for the weak. However, circumstances come into our lives that cause us to question our ability to overcome them.

We question if we will ever be able to get over depression, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, and heartbreak. We wonder if we will overcome the insecurities that plague us daily.

During our present struggles, time seems to slow, and each day that our situations don’t improve, we wonder if all there is to life is pain, heartache, and dissatisfaction.

But, there’s always a side to life that we haven’t seen yet, no matter how bleak our present moment looks.

On the other side of depression are days where we will breathe again, smile again, and see that life is worth living. We just need to get through what’s in front of us, even though it may be uncomfortable.

I know it hurts and you feel like you are drowning. I know you feel like it’s unfair and you have days where you want to scream, “Why me?” from the rooftops. I know you feel like no one but you knows what it feels like to constantly be in internal pain that you can’t turn off.

But you will make it if you hold on and go through the process you are in now. It just takes giving yourself a chance to believe that things will get better.

On the other side of being single, you’ll find your worth and one day meet someone who thinks you are amazing. It might sound cliche and you might feel lonely and like no one understands how it feels to have their heart broken repeatedly, but God always has a plan and intention for what He does.

He wants you to be with someone who loves you unconditionally, and you will find this on the other side of this season.

On the other side of your insecurities is victory. You might have spent half of your life putting yourself down and feeling like you don’t have a purpose. But sometimes, God uses our experiences to lead us closer to Him so we can find out who He created us to be. Sometimes we have to see ourselves at the bottom to recognize the higher heights that we want to reach for ourselves.

Where you are now is not where you were yesterday, a year ago, or even months ago. We are always growing and changing, even if it’s minor. You being alive right now and choosing to hope for something better, to dream for something better, means that what you see now can’t be all there is. It just takes motivating yourself to get there.

On the other side of what you are going through is a story to tell and look back on. You’ll be thankful that you stuck it out even on days where the weight of the world was on your shoulders. Don’t give up before you make it there.

Here’s a story about what’s on the other side.