A Strong Woman Does These 16 Things Even When It’s Difficult


1. She works her ass off. There are days when she’s tempted to hit snooze. Days when she would rather stay in bed until noon. But she never lets that stop her from getting up, getting dressed, and driving to the office. She has a strong work ethic. She pushes herself hard. 

2. She walks away from toxic people. It doesn’t matter if she has known someone for her entire lifetime. If they become a source of stress, then she is going to leave them in her past. She does not tolerate toxicity. She knows poisonous people have no place in her world. 

3. She loves herself. She has insecurities just like anybody else, but she doesn’t let them get the best of her. Even though there are times when she feels off her game, she still considers herself a beautiful woman. A woman of value. 

4. She openly expresses her emotions. She realizes that crying, that being vulnerable, that opening up her heart and soul takes strength. Even though it’s difficult, she will deliver the truth at all times. She will remain authentic, always. 

5. She leaves behind bad relationships. She is unafraid of the single life. She would rather be alone than trapped inside a relationship where she is unappreciated. Her standards for boyfriends are high and her standards for herself are even higher. 

6. She takes care of her mental health. She cares for her brain as much as her body. She will give herself a day off when she needs it. She will talk to a therapist when she needs it. She will practice self-care, because she deserves happiness and she knows it. 

7. She uplifts other women. Even though there are times when she gets jealous of another’s beauty or success, she never lets it show. Instead of treating other women like her competition, she treats them like her sisters. She uplifts them instead of tearing them apart. 

8. She believes in herself. She never gives up faith that she is going to become successful. She might fail, but she will get back up again. She will keep chugging along until she reaches her final destination because she is not a quitter. 

9. She says noShe has a habit of putting a lot on her plate at once, but she realizes she’s not superwoman. There are times when she has to turn down her friends offers to go drinking or her boss’ request to work extra hours. She doesn’t stretch herself until she snaps. She knows how much she can handle. 

10. She takes care of herself. She knows that the only person she can truly rely on is the woman in the mirror. That is why she makes her own money. She pays her own bills. She acts as her own best friend. She is the definition of independent

11. But she also asks for help. She knows her limitations. If she is struggling to complete a task on her own, she is not too stubborn to ask for assistance. She realizes that her inability to do everything is not a weakness. Even the strongest people need a helping hand sometimes. 

12. She speaks her mind. She never holds back her opinion. It doesn’t matter if she fits in with the people around her. All that matters is that she lives her truth. To her, honesty matters so much more than conforming. 

13. She practices kindness. When she is stuck in a room with someone she cannot stand, she will handle the situation with a smile on her face. She tries her hardest to remain dignified. To treat everyone with compassion, even if they don’t deserve it. 

14. But she will throw down when it’s needed. She is not a fan of confrontation, but if someone crosses the line, she will stick up for herself. She will stick up for her family members. She will stick up for her friends. If you cross someone she cares about, then you are going to feel her wrath. 

15. She is constantly growing. It can be difficult for her to look in the mirror and admit her shortcomings, but she tries her hardest to be self-reflective. She knows which bad habits she should work on resolving. She knows which flaws she can work on fixing. She grows into a better person each and every day. 

16. She makes it through the toughest days. There are some days when she is loaded down with stress. Days when she isn’t sure how she can make it until tomorrow. But no matter what atrocities she is forced to face, she deals with them head-on. She is strong enough to make it through anything. Through everything