A Thank You Letter To The One Who Got Away


Our story wasn’t a fairytale, but in a way, maybe it was. Just a different kind.

Magic surrounded us the day we met.It filled our hearts with laughter and unforgettable moments. Magic gave you strength to climb up my high walls and destroy it from the inside. You managed to show me the world beyond the walls I built to keep pain out. And it was good.

Oh, it was beautiful. We were happy. So happy.Then the magic disappeared. Or maybe it didn’t. Maybe it just turned wicked.We shattered each other the same way love can destroy a soul.

You were the brightest light turned to my darkest dark. He is the torch—that ball of light that guided me out of the tunnel you left me in. Now, he is far from perfect just as you were. But he managed to glue me back together. Even better, he saved me from the piece of destruction that I am.

You were once my prince. He is my knight.You were the kingdom beyond the four walls of my castle. He is all the galaxies in one. Our story was beautiful even if it had a sad “ending”. It was the kind of beautiful that will always have a place in my heart, for it brought me to places I’ve never been and taught me lessons I was always meant to learn.

When you left, I realized, an ending with a prince isn’t always happy. Sometimes, all there is, is an ending. That’s it. An end. But there will always be a new beginning. And sometimes, a happy ending doesn’t come from a prince. It comes from someone who saved you and put all your broken pieces back together. Sometimes, it comes from the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. And maybe, just maybe, the prince was only a part of the map towards another adventure.

So, to the one who got away, thank you. Thank you so much for leading me home.