A Thank You Letter To Tyra Banks


Model, intelligent, mogul, and fierce — these are just a handful of words that could describe the incredible and inspiring Tyra Banks. Through her voice, beauty, boldness, and encouragement, she’s showing diverse groups of women what can be accomplished through hard work, support, and believing in yourself. And her recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit spread?


When I saw it, it reminded me to not only embrace the skin I’m in but to encourage other women to do the same. How many times have you put yourself down and been unkind to your body? How many times have you encountered other women who have done the same? My guess is too many times, and guess what? Enough is enough. You can embrace your body. You can be smart, cool, and unapologetically sexy just being who you are.

There is no longer just one acceptable standard of beauty. Beauty is relative. And it comes in all shapes and sizes and colors. So, own your beauty and the beautiful body you’ve been blessed with. It’s okay to have beauty and brains and put both those things to work. Tyra does. And you can celebrate your unique and individual beauty as much as you would like. Like Tyra, you can wear the swimwear you want to wear and do so confidently and unapologetically. Perhaps you can even have your own photoshoot too, just to remind yourself how incredibly fierce and fabulous you are. Why not?

Be a model for a day, or for as long as you’d like.

Tyra has continually shown women and the modeling industry that it’s okay to be who you are as she reinforces the importance of embracing and loving yourself. She’s got beauty, brains, gorgeous curves, and an incredible work ethic and vision that continually pushes boundaries and opens doors for all women and voices to be heard. Be the woman you were created to be. Own and embrace your body. Be kind to it and treat it well. Compliment it. Use your voice, platforms, work ethic, gifts and vision to build positivity and encouragement. And most importantly, don’t stop believing in yourself. You’re amazing.

Thank you, Tyra Banks. Thank you for being a light and an inspiration to us all. Stay fierce.