A Twitter Employee ‘Accidentally’ Deactivated Trump’s Account And Everyone Thinks They Should Be President Now


If you like lurking on Twitter as much as I do, you may have noticed that, for a brief amount of time, Donald Trump’s account was suspended. You may have had hope in that moment that maybe, just maybe, Twitter finally decided to follow their own Terms of Service and temporarily ban him until he learns how to avoid cyber bullying/inciting violence via his account. But alas, that’s not what happened  — but honestly, the truth is just as beautiful.


Twitter Government (really, that’s their name — look it up) tweeted that Trump’s account was deactivated due to “a human error.” They blamed a Twitter employee for the incident, and we just have one question: Okay, for real, was this actually an accident???

Apparently, Trump’s account was only down for 11 minutes, but it was a glorious 11 minutes for our country (arguably the best 11 minutes in this past year). It makes me wonder how much of an “accident” this was, and also I’d like to contact said employee because there are a lot of other terrible accounts I’d like to see “accidentally” deleted. You catch my drift, Twitter Employee?

Also, if you want to delete his account again, we wouldn’t be upset.




Let’s just say that the website rejoiced the glorious accident and the unnamed vigilante hero, who I imagine wears a Superman tank under their nice button-down work shirts.


Let’s just say that if something happens and Donald Trump gets impeached (calm down, Internet Trolls, I’m not arguing that he will), I’d really like to see Twitter Employee take his place. I don’t know who they are, but I already like their platform.

We see you, Twitter Employee.