This Is The Art Of Trying Too Hard: Fashion Week Losers


We all know people like this, they liked that band’s early stuff, they liked the book better, they complain about Starbuck’s coffee cause they don’t understand that it’s just consumable energy. They take up oxygen with their opinions that no one asked for. They look ridiculous and say that you don’t get it.

Well, they also go to fashion week and pretend to know about designers that don’t exist and trends that haven’t been set. They’re insufferable but you never seem to have the energy to point out all the reasons they should just stop trying so hard and be themselves. Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel does.


A word to the uppity, the next time you’re asked something you don’t know the answer to, do like I did two weeks ago when asked about my favorite designer. “Oh, I don’t have one.” Then the person I was talking to broke out their iPhone and educated me. See? Friends!