A Woman Caught This Terrifying ‘Demonic Voice’ On Tape — What Can You Make Out Of It?


Sarah Gordon, a woman living in the UK, uploaded this video to Youtube claiming that she and her flatmates were living with an unruly entity.

She claims that phones would reverse their charge, televisions would break, their gaming systems would freeze up, and they would hear three knocks on their bedroom door every time they were alone in the room.

Here is her story:

My first flat that I moved into was haunted.

I didn’t believe in ghosts until I moved into there. At first we only noticed anything electrical would play up, like phones would charge in reverse, TVs would break, our Xbox and Playstation would start freezing and show weird pictures on the screen. Then both me and my flatmate would get three knocks on our bedroom door every time we were alone in the flat.

Next, we started to hear crying in different rooms and see shadows. Our parents would see someone walking behind us while we were on Skype!

These last things that happened were the most terrifying. Voices would start coming out of anything electrical. This would come from your headphones when listening to music on an iPod, on our phones, from our laptops, during Skype, on the TV, on a DVD, and even Christmas toys that had batteries in them.

The voices would all sound the same. I managed to capture some of this on tape…it was quite terrifying.

We got two psychics in whom both described demonic entities. After my flatmate began doing scary things in her sleep — including scratching the doors and screaming about someone pulling her bedcovers while crouching at the foot of my bed — our three flatmates moved out almost immediately out of fear.

In my last night in the flat, something moved the furniture and my glasses were taken off my face and smashed against the wall. I left that night and never went back.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3Fg0gsHKHA&w=420&h=315]

It sounds like a Dalek, but what could it be?

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