Accept The Unknown Because You Won’t Always Have Answers


Looking for answers sometimes can lead you to another open ended question. A view of what is right in front of you can by tarnish by your perception of choice. Perhaps there’s never a true answer to anything, for the truth of one is another’s undeniable fallacy. It would make sense then that if answers or viewpoints held universal “truth” then opposition would cease to exist.

Life unfolds along the magical pathway of sentiment. A pencil can move like a worm, depending on how the object is viewed. A preacher may be holy, a savior of all souls or simply a treacherous individual who itself is in desperate need of saving. Perception is what you make it, one cannot change what blocks the roadway, but one can distort the pathway to get across.

My vision of the world is never the same. There are days the selfish bastard strikes me as the humble lover, and the university is a place students attend to instruct the staff. Each day is what you make it, a new chapter in a book. As people we must be careful not to rush to the desire of knowing the ending that we miss the messages in the pages between. It could be possible that nothing is ever truly meant to stay. Maybe matter can be created and destroyed.

Maybe we are meant to love many. The hollowness that we sometimes feel in our hearts is for purpose. However, which leads to the laws of perception. Emptiness can be seen as the start to a negative downfall, a quenchless thirst of sadness that is deprived of the answers that do not exist because your own truth is that those given are not the truths by oneself. Life has suddenly then become a voyage to a lifetime of finding who you are. It could be possible we think we lost ourselves because we fail to accept change and the unknown.

We refuse to give into the idea that we are never one person with an individual thought, but we are a collision of each encountered essence of interaction throughout a lifetime. The only individuality so powerful to hold is the ability to maintain flexible consciousness, but that is only mine.