Accept Where You Are But Don’t Settle There


It’s okay to be happy after you’ve had your heart broken. It’s okay to go out and enjoy the day after you got caught in an awful situation. It’s okay to make friends after you thought everybody around you was a prick. It’s okay to love someone again after you’ve been led on and been left for something more worthwhile than your existence. It’s definitely okay to be where you are at right now. But it’s not okay to just stay there.

Cry if you must but never love your sadness. Don’t take care of it as if you were meant to sob all your life. Give it a day, a week, a month, or whatever time you need. But after that, quit the habit of feeling sorry for yourself; because you will never find your self-worth if you just spend your days in bed trying to sleep your worries away. They’re not going away if you just continuously dream to escape your sorrows.

Don’t get me wrong – feeling sad is something you can’t just tell yourself to get over with. I know that because I’ve been there. But I assure you that you can make your days better than just feeling that way. Do something you’d enjoy. Get out there. Talk to people. Write. Draw. Continue an old hobby or find a new one. Finish all movies you can think of. Start on a TV series. Grab a book. Take a walk. Shop. Visit a stationery shop. Sit in a crowded cafe. Get a library card. Try the best salted caramel cheesecake around. Catch up with a friend. Call someone who makes you delighted.

You can cry in between but always get back up.

Don’t get hung up on old memories you exceedingly miss but make your pillows wet from your tears at night. Don’t get stuck on people you truly love but want to move forward without you. Don’t let toxic people stay around your circle whether they’ve been your friend for so long or not. If they place you in an unhealthy state, let them go. It’s probably time to meet new ones. Don’t keep remembering the good times you’ve had that are now gone and can never be, in any way, recreated. Don’t get used to having your heart broken just for others to feel whole. I’m certain you can make new and better memories than the last ones you’ve had.

You’ve been let down enough by a lot of people. The least you can do is not to do that to yourself. Rise above. Love yourself because come on, life doesn’t stop for miserable people. It goes on even while you’re there sulking in your self-inflicted pain. In that case, go out there and fill yourself with all things that make you radiate your happiness instead.