According To These 18 People, These Are The Worst States To Exist In The United States


Found on r/AskReddit.

1. Oklahoma

  • It was the last place anyone wanted to live in the U.S.
  • We killed the Indians. Took their land. Relocated the remaining to Oklahoma. Then we took their land.
  • Now that we have their land, what do we do? meth
  • The roads are gravel or asphalt that’s a little rougher than gravel
  • The weather tries to kill us in so many unique ways. Hail? Why not bowling ball sized? Tornadoes? Why not 40? 85 degrees all day? Why not below freezing tonight?
  • We are Texas’s hat

2. Hawaii

They refuse to build roads that connect to other states. It’s like they’re trying to keep Hawaii residents from leaving. 😉

3. Mississippi

It has by far the worst education system in the US.

4. Missouri

As we say in Missouri, “I’m not going back to Missouri.”

5. Arkansas

After driving through there I am pretty sure their official state animal is the pothole.

6. North Dakota

…I have never been to a city there that I’ve liked.

7. West Virginia

There is literally no other state that has a “West” of something. Fucking tired of Virginia and their shit.

8. Florida

Hot as balls, rude people everywhere, and shit roads.

9. Arkansas

Come for the meth, stay because you sold your car for meth.

10. Washington

Seriously, don’t come here. It’s rainy, gloomy and depressing here all the time. You wouldn’t like it at all. I heard California is a nice place to life.

11. Alaska

We’re as far north as you can get, yet the state is filled with rednecks (I’ve lost count of how many confederate flags I’ve seen). It’s painfully cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. My town has one of the highest STD per capita rates in the world, and there’s so much meth and alcoholism it’s weird if someone ISN’T experiencing it personally or secondhand.

12. Ohio

The drivers are terrible and the people are just mean.

13. Indiana

Spent some miserable time there in Indianapolis. Everybody looks like Larry the Cable Guy there. Even some of the women. Very boring place.

14. California

  • High gas prices
  • Smog
  • Constant wildfires
  • Earthquakes
  • High rent prices
  • High food prices
  • Everyone in OC is a stuck up @hole
  • Talking about “Im 3rd gen californian”
  • Super restrictive gun laws

15. Georgia

Pollen is literally worse than Hitler.

16. Arizona

Fuck scorpions.

17. Kansas

Bible Belt from hell. Shit weather. I’m far as fuck from the beach. I’ve literally never seen a goddamned beach. Ugh, I hate being so landlocked.

18. Illinois

  • 4 of our last 7 governors are in prison.
  • The weather can shift from being 90 degrees one day to 30 the next.
  • Our roads are the worst that I have seen of all the states I’ve been to.
  • Literally nothing here other than corn and bean fields.
  • Huge drug problems thanks to Chicago (WHICH EVERYONE HATES)
  • Our state government has pissed all our money away.
  • Nobody knows shit about Illinois other than Chicago. AND CHICAGO FUCKING SUCKS. Seriously, I’ve been to Chicago over 20 times, and each of those times I would rather have been cutting my own dick off.