Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Woman


After reading Catie Hopkins’ article Act Like A Dude, Look Like A Supermodel, I thought she had decent points, but she was wrong with saying “I’m not a feminist.” It was like she was saying “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” Guys seem to be easily fooled by the girl who loves sports and claims she can only have male friends, because they assume she still wants to fuck. I rarely have straight male friends. I like beer and chicks but really that’s about it. You can only form close friendships on so much. It’s cool if you like bro-ey things, but you can’t consider that to be what will rope straight guys in.

She cited Jennifer Lawrence as the example of “act like a dude and look like a supermodel,” but the problem is how hard she tries to seem relatable. If you are a famous person, you simply are not relatable. It’s as simple as that. I don’t give a fuck how many “they’re just like us” shots Us Weekly is throwing at me. Celebrities are not like us. They have a publicist in the wings telling them what to do. J-Law’s adorable whatever, isn’t really that cool or new. It’s great that she tries to play off that she’s being herself, but if you have any degree of fame, you can’t say whatever you want or people will run after you with pitchforks and torches.

It’s hard to discuss what is unpopular, and it’s hard to discuss butt plugs without at least having a backup explanation. Her discussions about cheetos and butt plugs would not fly if she was a regular girl. People in her real life would find her crass and vulgar and not want to associate with her. If I was into butt plugs or whatever I would need to have a very low degree of fame and people weighing in on my personal choices. J-Law doesn’t have that luxury, she would have had to plan out with her publicist the right timing to “reveal” that information so the public would find it endearing and not repulsive.

Personally, I hate think pieces where someone is taking apart my work, and I apologize. I was just offended that this article seems to be about considering the evolution of women and she is completely rejecting feminism. Girls need to “hold their own with the boys,” but not be “feminists.” Personally, I am not a fan of the term as it seems to be loaded with negative associations, but if you believe in the continued advancement of women, you are a feminist. It does not matter how you feel about the “movement” — you are a feminist who believes in other women and yourself.

It is a feminist thing to be able to manipulate the public into finding you endearing for “being yourself.” It is a feminist thing to watch sports because you like them and not care about what men think about that. It is also a feminist thing to like makeup and dresses and men and wear and do as much or as little of each as you would like. Rejecting feminism because it conjures up images of bra burning man haters, continues to be stupid. You are rejecting all of the fighting that was done in order for you to write dumb think pieces on the internet. If I was to reject all of the work by women done before me I wouldn’t be able to write about female masturbation, let alone be able to deal with lewd comments without a publicist to time it in order to seem likable. Rejection of the term feminism and some of the questionable practices done by “feminists” to “subvert the patriarchy” bring the group out of favor which is why we are one of the last developed nations that still hasn’t had a female leader. Yes, looking like a super model and loving blow jobs, and beer, and chicks is “the male fantasy”, but who the fuck wants to be limited to an unattainable image of what a woman should be?