Watch This ESPN Reporter Destroy A Lowly Parking Attendant…That Might Deserve It



The above (highly edited) video is of Brittany “Britt” McHenry picking up her car from Arlington, Virginia’s Advanced Towing. You may not know her but she’s a sports reporter for ESPN and the above video is currently taking over the internet as an example of how entitled and terrible Brittany is. Here’s what she looks like when she’s not buying back her car from a towing company.

McHenry may be entitled. I don’t know and all we have is this one video to go on. However, there’s a lot of evidence that Advanced Towing, where she’s picking up her car in the vid, is literally the worst towing company in Arlington, Virginia which puts them in the running for worst in the country. The Yelp reviews and stories are insane. And before you say “they couldn’t be bad enough to justify her behavior“…they really might be.

Here’s their 1.5 star review.

Similar businesses in the same area have 4 and 5 star reviews. Here’s what seems to make Advanced Towing so different.

They lie that your card isn’t working so they can double charge you.

They may tow cars with dogs and/or children inside.

They will call you a f*cking fa**ot in front of your own house.

They will produce evidence of violations that did not occur.

They will tow you from spots that you legally own.

They will change what you owe according to what you know about the law.

I’m not sure but it looks like Advanced Towing may have gotten the least of what it deserved in terms of a chewing out.