Affirmations For Life In A Divided World


Today, I will find the light within me—the light that seems dulled by the vanities of a chaotic and sometimes selfish modern world.

I will reconnect with my inner teacher, remaining quiet to better listen to their guiding worlds about how I can live a simpler, more selfless life; to understand how I can be more giving of myself; to understand how to see the light in others.

When the world around me is heavy, I must seek my guiding light, for that is my best companion in my personal search for divine truth. And I must remember that this search is not mine alone, rather an opportunity to engage with my community on a deeper, more spiritual level.

When the world around me is loud, it is a call for me to find virtue in silence. But it is not my calling to remain silent in the face of injustice. I must remember the words taught to me long ago, which claim we should remain quiet unless what we have to say may make the world more beautiful. Words that foster truth, equality, and justice are words that should lead me to break my silence.

I’m reminded of quotes that encourage me to seek divine truth within the world around us rather than blind acceptance that there is truth in authority, that there is truth in structures of power. The only truth comes from within, because God is present within the spirit of every person who walks this earth, and until we see that reflection of ourselves in those that move around us, we will be deaf to conversations which can improve our world.

Today, I will remain silent so I can listen more clearly. Today, I will speak only if my words can foster progress and promote justice. Today, I will learn from those around me whose struggle I do not know. And today, I will rediscover the light within me.