Airbnb Host Confesses To Filming His Guests Having Sex, Trading Video With Other Airbnb Hosts


PostSecret is a Facebook page that allows people to make anonymous confessions to be seen by the world (or at least the page’s followers). This week, there was a confession that made a LOT of people pretty damn uncomfortable, probably because the admission hits super close to home for many. It involves AirBnB.

Read for yourself:

“I swap hidden sex videos with other airbnb hosts.”

The anonymous individual is confessing that he — as an Airbnb host — records his guests having sex, and then trades those sex videos with other airbnb hosts who film their own secret sex tapes of guests.

Pretty messed up.

People have had a wide variety of reactions. Many people are responding — understandably — with pure disgust and repulsion.

Others are claiming that they think the confession is a hoax — either from a troll, or maybe someone from the hotel industry hoping to scare folks back to more traditional accommodations.

Either way, be careful whenever you stay ANYWHERE that isn’t your own home. Lots of messed up people out there.