All 30 Girls In Swedish Classroom Found To Be Victims Of Female Genital Mutilation


School health officials in eastern Sweden have uncovered a case of one classroom where all 30 girls were victims of female genital mutilation (FGM). All but two of those 30 were victims of “infibulation,” wherein the clitoris and labia are completely hacked off and the genitals are sewn tightly together to leave only a small vaginal entrance. The classroom was in a town called Norrköping, where officials have reportedly logged 60 cases of FGM since March of this year.

Possible side effects from the procedure include fatal hemorrhaging, infertility, HIV infection, anorgasmia, menstrual and urinary pain, cysts, a higher infant mortality rate, pain during intercourse, vulval scarring, ruptured vagina, uterine blood clots, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Although Sweden outlawed FGM in 1982, it doesn’t appear these girls are indigenous Swedes, anyway. Both Sweden’s The Local and England’s The Independent very carefully tiptoe around the idea that these girls are probably not the least bit Nordic in appearance or culture. The Local only makes mention of the girls returning to “their parents’ home countries” in the summer, while The Independent speaks of “the countries from where their parents originate.”

Almost all of the countries where FGM is common are in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Egypt holds the world’s highest total number of FGM victims, at just over 27 million. Somalia boasts—if that’s the proper word—the world’s highest FGM rate at an astounding 98%. Seeing as Somalians comprise Sweden’s largest African immigrant group by far and 99.8% of Somalians are Muslims, I’m going to make several leaps of faith, fully indulge my hideously deformed and irredeemably malevolent prejudices, and assume that the entire class of 30 girls may have been Somali Muslims. In fact, I’d place good money on it. I could be wrong…but I doubt it.

Problem is, the main available online news sources right now aren’t saying. What’s even more “problematic” is that Sweden is possibly the most intensely and unabashedly feminist country on the planet, one that could even envision grey-skinned cyber-lizard Julian Assange, who is inarguably the world’s worst dancer, as a sexual predator. There’s even a saying—“That’s rape in Sweden,” which is used as a punchline for the most insignificant perceived sexual microaggressions. “Oh, you accidentally sneezed on a woman? That’s rape in Sweden.”

Maybe I have yet come to across the right Swedish-language news article that spills the beans, but it’s astounding that in the most woman-sensitive nation on Earth, they’re possibly being too racially and culturally sensitive to physically describe the victims, much less the perpetrators and the belief systems that may have inspired the crudely surgical destruction of the very organs that make these girls…well, girls in the first place. Despite all their loud sloganeering, when they encounter a true “rape culture,” they find themselves speechless.