The ‘F*ck It’ Pro-Pot News Anchor Who Quit Live On The Air Was Raided For Pot, Should ‘Go Play With Snoop Dogg’


You may remember the above video that went viral last year. KTVA reporter Charlo Greene quit her job in dramatic fashion in 2014 over her involvement with the Alaska Cannabis Club.

Since then, Alaska has legalized possession of marijuana for personal use but the state still hasn’t legalized it for sale which means that, legally, you have to either grow it yourself or buy it from somewhere outside the state. Greene has allegedly been selling weed anyway which didn’t sit well with local government. However, Charlo claims that the Alaska Cannabis Club, a private club, is just a place for people to come and share their legally owned marijuana and that no sale of marijuana occurs.

Anchorage police raided the Alaska Cannabis Club on Friday. Interestingly, it appears that it’s not just the marijuana that local officials have a problem with. Fairview Community Council President Christopher Constant says that he’ll “be happy when she leaves the state and goes and plays with Snoop Dogg and her friends because she’ll be better suited for that than our little neighborhood here in Alaska.” Nope, no implied racism there.

For their part, the Alaska Cannabis Club issued the following statement on their Facebook page.

h/t AP

featured image – YouTube