All I Need In This Life Of Sin Is Me And My Girlfriends


During a wedding ceremony, the two people getting married say “I __ take ___ to be my lawfully wedded (husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” But reading these vows, the thought that immediately came into mind was my group of friends here in Los Angeles. They are the people who I believe are and will always be there for me under any circumstance.

This past year, I learned an extremely valuable life lesson: Having a supportive and wonderful group of girlfriends who have similar values to you is the most important thing a woman can find in this fucked up world. Throughout life, people will go through various groups of friends. Some will stick around for the long haul no matter how far you move away or how rarely you actually get to see each other. Those are the friends you have for life, but when you don’t see them very often, it can be hard on a person. Having a group of friends who are present and can come running when you need them is an extremely important part of getting through life.

When I moved to Los Angeles earlier this year, I knew only a few people out here, including my older sister who had moved here just two years before me. After an insane falling out with her roommates, my sister started gathering all her girlfriends together once a month to discuss their issues and be around other women in LA that work in the industry. I was beyond nervous on the night I first attended this gathering because I didn’t know anyone and on top of that, I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know that this group of ladies would soon become my savior out here.

I’d always had some girlfriends who I was close to, but this was in no way the same. This group of women understood exactly where I was at in life and knew how to help me move forward in my career because they had all been in this same place I am in now. While that was an amazing aspect of this group, I soon came to learn that it was the least important thing I would gain from these women.

After a few months of these gatherings, it became a norm in my life. Any big event in a member’s life, we would celebrate. We would gather for birthdays, breakups, or even when friends quit their terrible jobs. We’d really find any ridiculous reason to get together and get drunk. And when the time came for me to cry on their shoulders, they were there.

I went through a serious month or so of depression from a fight with a friend that I won’t go into detail about, but every person from this group of women sent me a message telling me they loved me and were there if I wanted to talk. This was the moment I knew that no matter what the issue was, big or small, I could turn to a group of 20-30 women who wanted to support me and help me move forward in life.

Having this support system in place became the most important and spectacular aspect of my new life in Los Angeles. No matter what shitty or embarrassing thing happens to me, any one of these ladies will be there to laugh or cry with me. Even though I don’t have a boyfriend, I already have these people in my life that I feel this passionate love towards.

This made me realize that you don’t need one significant other when you have numerous others to be there for you throughout life. I know I already have a substantial group of people who will be there for me through the best of times and the worst of times, through richer or poorer, and through sickness and health. They are all I need in life and that is a feeling I believe every woman should know. The feeling of comfort with other ladies who truly want the best for each other makes all the difference in life. So for now, I’ll stop looking for the one because I am lucky enough to have a group of remarkable ladies to spend my life with and that is all I need.