All My Friends Are Getting Married And I’m Just Drinking Wine (The Upside Of Being Single)


All my friends are getting married and I’m just drinking wine. No, but really… I’m drinking a very light and aromatic Pinot Noir (with cheese) as I sit to write this. Back to the point: my friends are getting married and I’m not even close.

What about you? Do you squirm every time you’re about to go on social media because you have to mentally prepare for the next engagement? Do you possibly avoid certain family members at gatherings because you know they’re going to ask you, “so are you dating anyone?”

And maybe, just maybe, do you find yourself consistently tagged in single memes on Instagram while swiping left on your dating app of choice (again)?

Well, singles, join me and pour yourself a glass of wine because I’m about to tell you why we’re drinking as a celebration and not to lament about our lonesomeness.

Your friends are getting married, and that’s great news. This means you’re going to have so many excuses to see old friends and reasons to travel places to see them. Your friends getting married means you have multiple parties to look forward to. Sure, they don’t always come cheap, but these are the types of memories you can’t put a price on.

Now that your newest friend is getting hitched, you can look forward to an epic bachelorette party and maybe even finding love at the single’s table at the wedding. Your friend is going to say “I do” and you’re going to have to buy them gifts, but don’t worry because you’re getting something out of it too!

If you’re chosen to be MOH or a bridesmaid then get ready for your very own personalized wine bottles or a variety of other fantastic gifts asking you to be a part of your friend’s wedding posse. Not in the wedding party? Drink up that wine but don’t fret because you’re getting free sh*t too.

You’re getting served great food (hopefully), party favors, Instagram picture opportunities, travel, a place to whip out your new dance moves, and bonding time you’ll always remember.

And guess what? You get to do all of this while you’re still single.

Maybe you’re thinking you wish you had a +1 to bring to all of these events, or you’re wishing it was you at the end of the aisle? Well, I’m here to remind you that one day you will be.

Skeptical? Love will find you one day, and then it will be your turn. One day, Prince Charming is going to sweep you off of your feet when you least except it (just like you’ve always heard he would).

One day you’re going to be the person people are talking about in their group chats after seeing the ring on Instagram. One day you will fall so head over heels in love and you will know what it’s like to want to share it with everyone important to you.

One day it will be you.

So sure, all your friends are getting married, but that doesn’t mean you never will. For now, appreciate everything that comes with your closest friends finding happily ever after.

For now, get excited about all the events filling up your social calendar, the fancy dresses you finally have a reason to buy, the invites you get to hang on the fridge, and the joy of being there for this important moment in your friend’s life.

Be happy for your friends. Be so happy that you completely forget that – for right now – you’re single. Realize that they’re about to venture into forever and you’re lucky enough to be a part of that.

One day your friends are going to be a part of your happily ever after, too; and it will be everything you ever hoped it would be. So enjoy the parties and enjoy the open bar, because you have time to find your one true love and you have so many things to celebrate until then.

Let’s all cheers to love, because one day it’ll be your turn. Until then, enjoy being single while you can, because you certainly won’t be forever.