‘All My Friends Are Married’ Is The Show About The Single Life We’ve All Been Waiting For


Contemporary culture is no stranger to dissecting the single life. Movies, television series, books, and countless essays all attempt to describe the pains, losses, triumphs, and joys of being single. Sometimes our media and culture gets it right and sometimes we are left wondering if the people who wrote, produced, filmed. etc. these works have actually ever been single.

Fiction gives us a pleasant escape from reality but many times, and especially when it comes to dating and relationships, it can be so distant from the human experience that we cannot relate to the characters or the plots. This becomes clearer as you get older and have to endure the land mine that is romance and dating in the 21st century.

A new web series, “All my Friends are Married” depicts the reality of being single in adulthood, and especially when everyone around you is taken. Released by the NYC-based Black TV & Film Collective (BTFC), the series, which has a diverse cast, is a refreshing and hilarious as it focuses on the single life of a black woman, Lauren, whose “singlehood” struggles are endearing, insightful, and relatable.

You can Watch “All My Friends Are Married” episodes here