All Of The Places Where I Have Loved You


I loved you in Sorsogon – that place three hundred miles away from home – because that’s where we met. Some say it was fate and some say it was luck, but maybe it was a little bit of both. I have loved you at the beach, in that hotel, and in that joint table by the pool. And I have loved you even more when it was time to go home.

I loved you in that bar where you took me for our first date. I vividly remember the band playing that night, and the shrill sound of the guitar as its getting plugged in. I still hear your voice as you tried to guess the titles of the songs being played, and how often you said, “I know this song!” even when most times you get the title wrong. I have loved you in that table by the corner, in that place where the intoxicating smell of cigar and the musky scent of alcohol mixed with yours.

I loved you in that street where you parked after the heavy rain has passed. You wanted to take me out to dinner then, but I had to call it off because of the ill weather. Even after much prodding, you still came to see me. We bonded over takeout food, and you told me all about your family. It was then that I realized that we had so much in common, more than our love for alternative music and movies and art.

I loved you in that restaurant where we first had lunch together after you picked me up from a friend’s house. I keep missing out on the name of that place though, and I can’t seem to put my finger even on the first letter of it. I’ve never been quite sure whether it started with a Q or maybe a T, but I could still recall the song playing on the radio as we drove to it.

I loved you in front of a friend’s dormitory where we shared our first kiss. No, it wasn’t like the ones you see in movies. There wasn’t a violin playing in the background, and fireworks weren’t gazing the night sky. Ours was at midnight; it was dark, and we’ve just had enough to drink that my cheeks were tingling as our lips touched. Yet, amidst all, we managed to say, “No one fall in love, okay? Okay.” We broke that promise eventually, but it was one of the best promises I’ve ever broken.

I loved you in every movie we’ve ever seen. I’ve watched you laugh out of the corner of my eye when you think something is really, really funny. I’ve watched every crease form and I wished you knew how wonderful every little line on your face is.

I loved you in that quaint, little café where we usually spend the wee hours of the morning talking about stuff. I’d talk about things I’ve never told anyone before, because I’ve never felt like anyone would really listen and actually understand other than you.

I loved you where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. I loved you through every taxi, bus, and jeep we’ve ever ridden. I loved you through every kiss, through every hug, through every time you hold my hand. And since then, I have loved you even more.