All That Matters Is That You’re Moving On


When he called, you rushed to the phone, forgetting anything else that existed around you, and whenever you heard his voice, your inner demons obeyed. You loved him not because he was handsome and innocent, though he was. You loved him because he completed your love story and his demons danced with your angels. When you had a rough day, he was the first one to know; you didn’t mind losing yourself in the process of loving him.

However, he didn’t see things the same way as you. Cold love and weary days were all that he presented to your soul. He said he loved you but all you could feel was the weight of the relationship you had to carry all by yourself. If you never texted him first, he never texted you at all. If you never wrote I love you, he never wrote I love you too. If you never called him first, he went weeks without talking to you. It was a one-way relationship, and you didn’t mind because you were blinded by the flames of fire you felt for him.

You thought you had to love hard even though he made it so hard for you to love him, yet you kept on loving. But what good does that bring? To have the ability to charm a snake when it will bite you anyway.

One day he just took one minute and decided that he no longer loved you. Your world destroyed, he completely crushed any hope you had in finding true love. He left you there for the whole world to see how embarrassing you could be when stripped away of your only source of joy.

You have tried to keep it together, but you failed. You wish you could hate him, but that’s not you. You wish you could turn back the hands of time and erase the first moment you laid your eyes on him, but that is not possible.

He painted your soul with permanent scars and broken memories, yet you still forgave him. You are not doing this for him but for you to get better and move on.

You are trying to move on, and you are showing good progress, but it still kills you that you had to invest all your energy and time while he invested nothing. He completely made you fall for him with no intentions of catching you.

But you have moved on, and that’s all that matters.