All The Things I Want To Say Goodbye To In 2019, And Everything I Want To Welcome In 2020


With the marking of a new year, comes the opportunity to evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Take this as a chance to put forth specific intentions that you wish for in the coming year. Start by identifying what it is that you’d like to leave behind in 2019, and more importantly what you’d like to welcome in 2020. By making this effort acknowledge what doesn’t work and reflecting deep within yourself, you are communicating to the universe exactly what you want right now.

Begin by calling out what you want to say goodbye to, owning what’s not working in your life, where you want to see changes, and what you need to say goodbye to. These can be as concrete or as abstract as you need them to be.

Goodbye, 2019! Goodbye, negative thoughts, and goodbye negative people. Goodbye holding onto the wrong people. Goodbye, tears. Goodbye sleeping the day away. Goodbye doubting yourself. Goodbye to hating yourself. Goodbye to people that have hurt you. Goodbye disrespect. Goodbye anyone that makes you feel less than. Goodbye judgment. Goodbye ego. Goodbye distraction. Goodbye heartbreak.

Once you’ve released what you no longer need, welcome what you want! Let your intentions be as unique as you, and let this new list guide your choices throughout the coming year.

Hello, 2020! Hello closure, and hello moving forward! Hello new people, and hello to new places. Hello confidence, and hello self-care. Hello, positive thoughts. Hello, positive energy. Hello, happiness. Hello, acceptance. Hello, making use of your time. Hello learning, and hello growth! Hello, healthy choices. Hello, clarity, and hello good influences. Hello, bravery and hello letting go. Hello, change! Hello, calmness, hello empathy. Hello, vulnerability. Hello helping people and hello to helping yourself. Hello love.

Make a habit of talking to the universe and the universe will respond.