All The Things You Should Have Been Told About Falling In Love With A Writer


Falling in love with someone who feels everything so deeply and intensely will change you. They will change the way you see things, and the way you deal with your day to day. When you ask them how their day was most often you will never get the generic answer, “it was good” or “it was okay”

They will want to tell you everything they felt that day or experienced. They will want to tell you how much it bothered them when a customer treated them badly, or when they messed up an order and felt like they aren’t very good at their job. Or they will want to tell you about how exciting it was for them to learn a new word that day or how happy they felt when a friend texted them to check in and make sure they were doing okay just because they felt like it.

When they give you that generic response it’s only because their mind is usually heavy weighed on something.

Don’t fall in love with a writer because they will never say, “I love you”. They will tell you that they think its adorable that every time you fall asleep without fail you snore. They will tell you that they love the look of excitement you get in your eyes when you see a stray cat walking the streets, and go up to it to try and befriend it. They will tell you that even on your bad days when you feel like you’re so close to giving up how much they admire you for pushing through it and figuring things out.

Don’t fall in love with a writer because the world around them doesn’t exist. They don’t see things they way they are. It’s hard for them to see things in black and white. They find themselves in the extremes of their emotions. These feelings can last anywhere from minutes to weeks; hell maybe months. Everything around them is just a story waiting to be told. Which leads them to wander and explore. Some days they will want to adventure. Some days they will just want to stay in and hide.

These type of people often come across as “messy” whether that be physically or mentally. This comes from an inability to organize themselves without getting it down on paper. When they fall in love this “messiness” tends to increase. They engulf themselves in every emotion they are feeling; which more often than not tends to be you. Nostalgia is a place they visit often. They love thinking about how incredibly awkward and almost unwelcoming your first kiss was and how they somehow lead them into running to the other side of the country to see you because they became completely infatuated with you from that first kiss.

They’ll think about your first fight, and how heartbroken it made them, and how unnerving it is every time thereafter. They will mess up a lot. Sometimes there’s not a clear understanding behind the decisions they make. They will chase after what excites them, but at the end of the day the most exciting thing will be you.

More importantly though, when things get really tough… when you both know you’re on your last thread they will still be willing to show you how much you’ve made an incredible impact on your life. You will have to deal with them writing you their sweet nothings. Which might sound a little bit like:

“Remember those “this is crazy. how did this happen”s?
or those times when we said only [ this much ] ?
well, 788401 minutes later i still find myself counting.
Counting the minutes, seconds, hours of the amount of time I’ve been lucky enough to say you’re mine ”

But they will just give you a little snippet of it because they might be too shy to show you the rest. Don’t fall in love with this person because they will push all of your buttons. Ones you forgot about, ones you didn’t know existed, and ones that make you happy. The most important reason not to fall in love with someone like this is because they will be someone you’ll never forget.