Always A Bridesmaid: 19 Life Lessons To Take Away From Jen Glantz’s Lovable New Memoir


Jen Glantz, founder of Bridesmaid for Hire is the best friend you’ve always wanted. Her warm and oh-so-relatable new memoir, Always A Bridesmaid (For Hire), is here — and it’s awesome. Whether you’re the single, it’s complicated, or totally locked down one in your crew, you will absolutely relate to Jen’s journey through love, life, and helping strangers pee while wearing thousand dollar gowns. Best part? She’s willing to tell you everything, provided that you bring the pizza.

1. One of the biggest perks of living in a city like New York, is that everyone is so consumed with themselves that they will not notice you on the sidewalk when you are walk-of-shaming or having a public cry-fest.

2. Absolutely no girl ever truly forgets about her first crush. (Shout out to you, Zach S. from Park Christian School.)

3. It will never stop being equal parts mind-boggling and completely frustrating that our parents were able to meet, date, and fall in love without relying on the internet.

4. If you’re brave enough to sneak into a hotel, you can definitely at least use their gym and steal a muffin before high-tailing it out of there.

5. There will be inevitable moments, maybe on dance floors while Beyoncé is playing in front of a bunch of people, when you will really, really hate being single.

6. You really can find anything on Craigslist. Sometimes a bridesmaid, sometimes a dream.

7. Being so scared to fail that you take absolutely no risks is probably the biggest failure of them all.

8. Everyone has done a job interview under less than ideal situations. Like while driving in your car, or hungover on the street, or in the bathroom of your current job. (Check, check, and check. Not sorry about that last check at all.)

9. Giving your mom access to your online dating profile will prove to be both the most hysterical and most annoying thing you can possibly do to your dating life.

10. The only difference between a bridesmaid and a warrior is the lack of pastel taffeta included in the warrior’s ~ensemble.~

11. There’s potential for a story in every stranger, but you’re in control of the narrative just as much as they are.

12. Real love doesn’t have to be some overly drawn out, complicated, novella length explanation about souls, chemistry, timing and more. It just works. Simple as that.

13. It’s really comforting to remember if you really do truly ruin your life or lose direction or anything in between, that you can always come home. (Love you, mom.)

14. If you ever embarrass yourself on TV and have the chance to make it better, take. that. chance.

15. Don’t be the person who plans a wedding and doesn’t allow their single friends the courtesy of a plus one. Otherwise, you will be subjected to them staring you down while they do the cha-cha slide with your cousin and you will owe them for eternity.

16. It’s perfectly normal to need people. Everybody needs somebody.

17. Good luck explaining it to your parents if you go viral. Good luck explaining to anyone what happens if you go viral. Actually, just good luck if you go viral.

18. Everyone (even Oprah, probably.) has a breakdown once a year. You’re gonna be okay.

19. Never be so focused on having a Plan B that you forget to really enjoy and work at living your Plan A to the fullest.