America Is A Fascist Nation Masquerading As A Democracy


As simply as Socrates said it, “the life unexamined is not worth living”. There is a part of me that yearns for a new media. A lot of the world feels that same way. There was a time when being a journalist was a job of high honor; but that time is no longer. That is unfortunate. There is no time that deserves a more decent and honest media. We live in a time of selfies, and social media, and paparazzi, and viral videos. We live in a time when lying has become harder than anytime in the past. Yet, we still do not use it to our own advantage on a trek for truth.

I do sincerely wish that we would take a moment away from our technology to really take a look around us and realize what kind of world we live in. As the playwright Thornton Wilder writes, “we never look at each other.”

There is no way to express my deepest sorrows about falling out of love with the United States of America. I grew up marching in the Memorial Day parade in my hometown. When I was a child my mother tied a yellow ribbon around our oak tree, and I remember asking her why. She told me that we wanted all our people to come home and not get hurt. Although I didn’t know why I wished that for them also.

Now is not like that time of my life. Although, maybe then wasn’t the way I perceived it either. In my adulthood I have been on a quest for truth. Maybe not always, I am like every other 20 something, sometimes tuning out to mindless television programs. But, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that out government lies to us. I feel as though my generation doesn’t realize that as much as they should. We, as a whole, don’t understand nearly as much as we need to in order to provide a better future to ourselves.

The lies have started as far back as any of us can remember, or our parents in any case. My father was just a young boy when president Kennedy was assassinated. He has always had his suspicions about that fateful day in our history. As I grew I had them as well. How could one bullet have cause seven injuries? A video of a man murdered is now used in court to show to a jury as evidence, yet was kept secret then. 
The witnesses never made official testimonies, the autopsy of the President’s body was done in Washington D.C., not in Texas where the death occurred, and the vehicle in which he was assassinated was ordered to be cleaned before any investigation could be made. Even the front passenger, who happened to be an agent’s, shirt was sent to the cleaners without further investigation. The documents regarding our president’s death will be unsealed to the public in 2028 according to documents, unless of course the state pushes them back as they have done in the past. {A magic bullet went from theoretical physics in those days to a personal blender now.}

Years later Nixon, our elected president, was found to have committed fraud in order to regain election, among other things. He secretly taped countless hours of conversation unbeknownst to his consultants or heads of state indicting him of numerous crimes, which he openly denied when blatantly asked in public about. In the documentary Nixon by Nixon one may hear him in his own words state “bomb dykes” as well as other civilian locations in the Vietnam War. In the next frame of the documentary it shows a well known journalist ask the President point blank, that there had been sightings of Americans bombing dykes and civilian locations, and had he ordered this? The President denies having anything to do with the bombings or civilian casualties.

There has been much speculation on the September 11 attacks. I have mixed feelings towards this. I feel hearthache for the people who I knew that perished in the midst of such an awful and violent day, I feel grateful for the people I know who went to help in the recovery and clean up effort. I also feel a genuine overwhelming feeling that what we were told about that day was not the truth. I also feel fear that we as a people who have lost so many in the attack and aftermath of war, will never know the full truth about what went on that day.

So much of it does not make sense. I cannot wrap my head around the things that I hear while trying to research. I try to “take everything with a grain of salt” but still the facts seem to swallow that sentiment when learning what the government and media want me to believe. Would someone, a “terrorist”, someone who knew he was on a suicide mission intentionally pack his last will and testament in his checked luggage for our government to find when his bags got lost? Can we ignore the evidence that a building came down in the exact pattern that both the World Trade Centers came down in spite of the fact that it was never hit by any thing, and also speaking from a scientifically engineered standpoint (I know I am not a that) that all of the buildings collapsed in a way that was contrary to the way in which testing of the building stated.

My heart breaks for all of the souls lost that day and for all of the families that suffered and continue to suffer from that tragic loss.

More recently, there was the “Sandy Hook Tragedy”. I can remember standing in work, shook by fear to the core, that yet again another school shooting had taken place. I was not yet in high school when Columbine had happened. I could not believe it. As I stood and watched lines of extremely young children holding hands, single file, calmly walking out of the school being led by their teachers I thought, maybe fire drills really did pay off.

While watching, I noticed the immediate differences between the Columbine footage that I had come to know, and the footage that was being shown on live television. No police or rescue personnel rushed in, even after the gunman was said to be deceased, and no parents even came close to where their small children were being rushed out of a life or death situation.

Much later, and not publicly scrutinized, the government released that the Sandy Hook Shooting was just a training exercise. There was no public apology stating that we as a people were scammed by way of using actors to portray parents who had lost their children in this tragedy, telling heartfelt stories about how beautiful and bright their children were that were tragically ripped from their arms all too soon, because the government wanted to pass anti-gun laws for a certain type of weapon and needed to resort to scare tactics to pass their agenda.

I do realize that our government lies to us for their personal gain, and not for the good of the people. I also realize that this is something that happens very often and has been happening for an extended period of time. My question to you is, what happens when our “democracy” ceases to be, but the leaders of our government continue to hold power? Has that happened already? If it has, what makes us different from the people we pity, including but not limited to North Korea? What if we are already them but don’t know it yet? Are we the people that Plato spoke of in his allegory of the cave? Or can we save ourselves somehow from that fate?