American Heart


You breathe dancing gardenias sleeping in the curves

of my intimacy. your voice is a full stop in eternity

nothing more. nothing less. parapets of your geometry

my ‘olympian laughter’. Nietzsche whispers. altars

wedding vows of spring. I look back; you are magic

the American God paraphrasing haiku in honey

inside my free verse fishnets; consummate madness

evidently incomplete poetry. I peer into your window

your couch. my typology. fragrance of your topology

a lamp smiles. I forge your signatures on my body

I write the names of your streets. I record every syllable

of your alchemy on my skin. I listen to your breathing

the sound of lilies soaked in epiphanies. vacuum. dust

maroon chenille rubbing against my lips. our mouths

synagogues, temples, searching for human Gods

wild fires, hearts unhinged, rooms without walls

ceilings with aurora lights, hungry beneath tongues

tasting delight. the American heart; an entire universe

stirring in my sleep. a poem is not enough to touch

the theatre of your fantasy. you are a soft feather

the dance of nine clouds. unscripted. innocent

the wishbone of Greek Gods. no light needed

you see everything. I peer into your diamond heart

the gold of everything. your unbroken spirit within

pale meadows of my longing. this world is not enough

not the other. or the other. the scent of your baptismal

water purifies my sin. I can feel you. a poet’s structural

necessity. your forgiving holds rivers. your hands hold

my bridges. the weight of your goodness fights my fighting

long shadows of bodies rising. twin flames. soulmates

a politically incorrect woman takes center stage.

you indulge my insanity. you open your steel armor

clear blue skies melt inside the streams of your brown eyes

you open your heart. the world is a better place. immortal

eternal. cosmology. you are the sky. you are the ground

the world’s music begins and ends with your heart beat.