American Idol Is Over, But Here Are 9 Hysterically Terrible Auditions To Remember It By


Fox recently announced that the 15th season of American Idol would be its last. American Idol has changed the lexicon of American television. It gave rise to a whole generation of contest shows and a handful of successful singers. More than anything, however, its audition process gave us never-ending hilarity. Below are nine of the craziest auditions that will help you remember the show fondly:

1. The New Haircut Just Wasn’t Enough

2. A Song, Or Just One Really Big Yawn??

3. You Have To Sing For a Singing Contest!? THANKS OBAMA!

4. “Are You Just Saying I Am Bad To Get On My Nerves?”

5. Have We Seen Her On TV Since This??

6. This Clairvoyant Didn’t Foresee How Terrible She Was

7. “I Can Be A Nightmare, Cuz At Least Your Dreaming About Me”

8. This Dude Wouldn’t Quit Until Security Booted Him

9. How To Do A Pterodactyl Mating Call